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Beautiful Landscape

Matthew  Craig

Post-doctoral research associate

Oak Ridge National Lab

Climate Change Science Institute

Environmental Sciences Division

About me

As an ecosystem ecologist, I am fundamentally interested in how matter and energy cycle through ecosystems. Across the globe, humans have driven these cycles out of their natural equilibrium leading to the majority of our most pressing modern environmental challenges. Through my research, I strive to both advance basic ecological science and address real-world environmental problems. The bulk of my research has focused on how interactions between plants and soils influence carbon cycling. Visit my research page to learn more about my general approach and specific projects and visit my teaching and mentoring page to learn more about my drive to share the process of ecological research with students.


When I am not doing ecology, I enjoy spending time with my wife and son, hiking, walking, running, camping, and generally being out in nature or out in the community (pandemics excepted). I am also an amateur woodworker and avid baseball fan.

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